ONLY ONE COAT single-component coating, formulated with terrazzo, cement and porcelain powder, aggregates, correctors and synthetic resins of ultimate generation. Its original finish of Terrazzo effect and its extreme hardness make this product an original and effective solution for decorating classic and warm environments. It’s 1/4inch thickness makes it ideal for coating horizontal and vertical spaces, kitchen counters, stairs, interiors, exteriors, etc. No need to remove the existing surface.


Apply one coat of Deccofloor Micro Terrazzo, extend the mix over the dry surface with a metal trowel. Make a soft sand with a sandpaper of 80-100 gr, in order to eliminate imperfections and leave a smooth and homogeneous surface and also colored chip will become more visible. Perform a new sanding with a sandpaper of 180-200 gr to polish the surface. Once dry, seal with Deccofloor Sealers.


Indoor and Outdoor surfaces ; Kitchen countertops, stairs, pools, decks, etc.